• Only registered Trottingbreds and registered Standardbreds can be used for breeding ​

  • Only registered Trottingbreds can be approved for racing in Trottingbred Harness Races

  • To Qualify for racing, Trottingbreds may not measure more than 51 1/2 inches shod measuring from the top of the withers. They race for one-half mile on  oval tracks and are classified by times earned

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Play Days

April 23 Nappanee 9 AM-12 PM

April 30 Nappanee 9 AM-12 PM

May 7 LaGrange 9 AM-12 PM

May 14 Nappanee 9 AM-12 PM

ITPA Spring Sale

Nappanee Raceway

 Friday, May 20 at 4:30 PM

Consignments Due By May 6th in order to be listed in the sale bill.

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The Trottingbred Horse was developed in the early 1960's by crossing the strong and tenacious Welsh, Hackney, and Shetland Ponies with full Standardbred Horses for their speed.   The cross created a very versatile horse willing to do anything asked of it.    In 1977 the Trottingbred officially became a recognized breed of horse by the American Horse Council.  Today, they are primarily used for Harness Racing in the United States, Bermuda, Canada, and Italy, but are also used for trail riding, driving teams, horse shows, and pulling Amish Buggies.

Breeding,  Raising & Racing  

Trottingbred Horses